Affiliate Marketing Trending in India 2020!

So what exactly is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing involves encouraging others to buy a product from a particular company. When someone buys your referral, the company gives you a commission. Now it seems like a simple process or technique for making money comfortably.
Let’s look at an example. Assuming you’re promoting a smartphone brand like Samsung, you can easily provide a link to your product via a social media identifier. If one of your followers clicks Browse and one of them buys a smartphone, Samsung will pay a commission for each sale.
How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?
Keep in mind that affiliate marketing is part of digital marketing. When you do affiliate marketing, you play the role of a marketer. When it comes to affiliate marketing, behave like an online marketer

I sell a product of a company. Of course, you are not an employee of the company. The person who owns the product is called a dealer or trader. On the other hand, those who promote it are called affiliate marketers.
You may not know how to connect with the dealer. Therefore, you need to understand that affiliate networks can help you achieve this.
Every time someone buys a product through your reference, it’s a mutually beneficial situation (marketers), retailers, and affiliate networks. Affiliate marketing in India is a trend today because many individuals or businesses benefit greatly from this entire ecosystem. It’s worth mentioning here that even the average person can become a millionaire with the help of affiliate marketing.
Let’s take a look at the four major players involved in this affiliate marketing ecosystem. This is very important if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer.
1.1. Product Owner-Dealer or Dealer
As mentioned above, the owner of the product is called the retailer. When talking about e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Flipkart, it also falls into the category of merchants.
Brands such as Samsung, Apple, Intex, Dell. They are also traders.
2. Affiliate
Next comes the affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketers are also known as publishers. Affiliates receive commissions for each sale through referrals. This is useful if you realize that you don’t need to invest a lot to create a website. So if you’re looking for passive income, nothing is as easy and cheap as affiliate marketing.
Easily promote your product through videos, blogs, and social media posts.
One of the most important tips for you is that you need to promote a product that matches the type of blog you publish, the video you publish, and so on. When posting educational content on a blog, it is inappropriate to promote trendy ones. Visit:-
3. Affiliate network
Publishers or affiliates may use the affiliate network to contact merchants or merchants.
Affiliate networks are best understood as a link between affiliates and merchants.
It’s important to understand that affiliate networks provide tools for processing payments to publishers. Affiliate networks, on the other hand, provide advertisers with tracking tools.
If you are interested in how affiliate networks can help you make money, you need to understand that there is something called CPC.
In addition to CPC (cost per click), there are other methods such as CPI (cost per installation) and CPS (cost per sale).
4. Customer or consumer
The last player in the entire ecosystem is the customer. Anyone can be a customer if the above three players profit only when the consumer purchases the product. It is the responsibility of the subsidiary to influence the customer to purchase a particular product. As mentioned above, affiliate marketing can use marketing for this content, and YouTube videos can also be used to influence customers. The tracking mechanism works as soon as the customer follows the connected link to make a purchase.
Where to start? Follow these simple steps to get started with affiliate marketing.
1. Sign up for an affiliate program
To become an affiliate marketer first, you need to enroll in the Affiliate Marketing Program.
The best options for beginners include Amazon Associates, Flipkart Affiliate, and BIGROCK Affiliate.
The reason why this type of good affiliate program is recommended is that we already have a large customer base. 2. Affiliate link
An associated link that is specially tailored to the username associated with the product you are promoting.
3. Affect potential customers
Now it’s up to you as an affiliate marketer to promote your product through a variety of social media and online platforms. Blogging with affiliate links is a great way to promote your product. There are also posts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. They can be beneficial.
In other words, how to easily set up as an affiliate.

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