How to Become a Smartphone Master

We saw them all. They are the most productive in the office sitting in front of a computer and dancing around the keyboard. Move between programs with your finger to jump. They cut and copy. They grab and turn. Everything is very easy.
These are what you see when you have computer problems and are a little jealous of them doing things twice as fast as you. If you learn only tips, tips, shortcuts …
Now imagine you can be like that, but on your smartphone. This may seem like a strange idea, but there are good reasons why you need to master the phone. In a sense, smartphones have replaced computers and are the most used devices in human history. Think about how many times you take your phone out of your pocket to check the time, send a text message to someone, make a phone call, queue music, look at a map, or look at Facebook. .. Smartphones have replaced calculators, diaries, MP3 players, media players and GPS, and the list is getting bigger and bigger.
Think about how great it would be to master the phone, like those who are computer savvy. The reason it’s a good idea is that it saves you time and who hasn’t run out lately? Even if you save just a moment here, even if you save a moment here, it’s all put together and soon you need better tips, faster shortcuts, or a more efficient way to do things on your phone. Become. Visit:-

Here are some smartphone tips and tricks you can learn to save time and explain my points.

-Did you know that you can skip by entering the URL on your iPhone?
–Did you know that Nokia phones with Symbian ^ 3 can lock the phone remotely in case of theft? To do this, go to Menu-Settings-Phone-Phone Management-Security Settings-Phone and SIM Card-Lockable Phone Lock.
–Did you know that Blackberry Torch allows you to use shortcuts in your email application instead of going through the menu? Example: R is reply, L is reply to everyone, F is forward, N moves to the next message, P moves to the previous message

-Did you know that on some Samsung phones, you can press and hold the import area to change the import method?
-Did you know that on many smartphones you can turn the phone upside down to turn off the call?
For the average user, their phone is a mystery, and many don’t spend time knowing the operating system of their phone. Some people are even afraid to search for menus and settings if they break something. In today’s smartphones, the operating system is designed to disassemble what is virtually impossible. The worst thing you can do is give your background a funky color or vibrate it when it isn’t.
There are many ways to learn these hidden tips and tricks, but here’s a list to get you started.

-Read the manual. This can be a bit annoying, or unbelievable, but the manual contains a wealth of information on tips, tricks, and shortcuts for mastering the phone.

-Explore the discussion forum. Go to Google and search for the word “forum”, followed by the make and model of your phone. You will often find thousands of people sharing tips, tricks, or useful information.

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