Marriage Vows

Marriage takes place in heaven, and wedding vows are said to be sacred in nature. Whatever the truth, marriage is one of the oldest human institutions that have survived timelessly and are still working well. It is actually one of the main relationships that give birth to a family, which in turn leads to higher social structures and societies. Marriage has undergone major changes over thousands of years. Today, in some parts of the world and in some communities, marriage is a social structure for a major relationship between men and women based on equality and shared bonds. Wedding vows: reality

However, this may not be the case in black and white. Looking at the structure of marriage in societies around the world, there are many gray areas of concern. In many societies, we find that women are bought as commodities in the market. The selection criterion here is the amount of dowry that women bring. In more societies, women’s sole role in marriage is the next generation of reproduction, reproduction and education. In such marriages, it was found that the woman had to sacrifice her personality at the expense of her family. Ironically, such sacrifices are accepted as strict rules and regulations for women involved in marriage but not for men. Therefore, in reality, marriage is a burden to the women involved. It is becoming one of the classic tools for female oppression and exploitation. Any form of illegal activity against a woman is considered a dowry or veiled form of physical and mental torture of the woman through the marriage, pretending to be a marriage. Social and religious independence. Wedding vows: bright side

But marriage is a system worth saving for all the positive benefits it provides to society. Marriage gives the couple a life of love and dedication to each other and provides a stable and protective environment for raising the next generation. Marriage helps us lead a life of love, compassion, sharing, compassion, and dedication that involves not only ourselves but others in the family. It is, in fact, an institution that is well understood and incorporated as part of our lives and can help us grow as a more sophisticated human being who can care for others and nature itself. Therefore, wedding vows are sacred in nature. Marriage Promise: Interpretation of Love in Marriage

On the other hand, if there is no love between spouses, marriage can turn into hell. Love in today’s society has a very limited meaning. Most unsuccessful marriages have sowed their own downfall because of the bad habits I mentioned earlier, or because of the “lack of love, ties, and mutual care” between spouses. When a person primarily interprets the lack of affection, he ends up counting only his needs, which are considered inadequate, and ignores the unmet needs of others in marriage. It is pure selfishness based solely on self-interest. This is not love. In fact, it could have been a relationship in which both individuals ignored the desires and needs of others and only cared about their own needs. Marriage going in the direction of failure has always been considered self-interest as the main cause of failure. In addition, so-called negative and operational developments by friends and family greatly exacerbate the problem. Visit:-
Wedding Promise: No Single Answer to Success or Failure

Even in today’s materialistic world, there are many angles that can be analyzed as to why a particular marriage failed or most marriages were so successful. Marriage Promise: Building Essential Structures for Marriage

In a broad sense, I believe that any marriage will be successful if people can see the marriage through the mental, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical levels in the order I have stated. As we begin to see marriage through the spiritual dimension, the entire “natural scheme” is opened before us. Therefore, we can see the broader purpose of marriage, what we can offer to the people involved, what we can offer to our growing family, what we can offer to our loved ones who are closest to both. You can see the meaning of marriage from the perspective of being able to offer. Aspects, and above all, what it can provide to society and humanity in general.
Marriage Promise: Real Life

For the germination of the mind based on holism and unity, we need to come from our “outside” to show us to the world and live the real life we ​​cherish and cherish. It is imperative that the couple discuss each other’s true soul impulses, open up, and then put together a common structure at the spiritual level. They need to know why they are involved and what they look like together in the short, medium and long term. Married couples need to discuss the purpose of meeting in depth. This provides awareness and a tendency to establish structures and frameworks to achieve mutually integrated goals.
Marriage Oath: Marriage with a mutually integrated purpose

As couples begin to devote their lives to mutually integrated goals, they become truly independent and free in their personal growth and remain complementary and beneficial to each other, their loved ones and neighbors, and society. You will notice that. There are them. They live. big. This complementary life sows the seeds of true love and dedication, taking into account the overall well-being of others, extended families, societies, and the world, not just the self.
Marriage Promise: The Best Basics of Spiritual Awakening

As couples begin their lives with their inner voice as their greatest force, the world begins to respect them as individuals and as couples. People and society seek suggestions and advice from couples, and there are only suggestions and advice to provide to couples. In fact, the world loses the power to interfere with the couple’s daily lives.
Such a marriage, based on the desires of our soul, on the highest basis of spiritual awakening, is destined to succeed. Life living in the voice of our inner soul never leads us in the wrong direction. It can remove obstacles and barriers, but it also helps to develop strength and ingenuity to find ways to overcome these obstacles and barriers. Marriage Oath: A Solid Foundation for Marriage

Once you have a solid foundation based on spiritual and intuitive wisdom, you can begin to expand it at the intellectual, mental, emotional, and physical levels. Then we can think about how we use our keen intelligence and spiritual energy to deal with the problems and people of our lives. That way, we can deal with the negativeness around us in a more rational way. That way, we stop blaming the negative and we stop being negative ourselves. On the other hand, I would like to ask why this person is so negative. Are we the cause of it? Or is this person so negative because of their situation and previous experience? Whatever the cause, you can resolve or avoid denials without blaming the people involved or falling into the trap of denials. It also helps to get out of the very typical “blame game” in today’s society.
Moreover, this type of thinking allows us to understand negative and positive structures and builds on positive living structures while at the same time solving, reducing or avoiding negative structures. Useful. Therefore, we prevent ourselves from falling into a negative spiral.

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