Sunset: The Brink Of Darkness

The world above humanity seems to be on the path to some sort of imminent ruin. You can mock ideas, but movies like the apocalyptic thriller of 2012 add to the fear and worry that many have about our difficult times.
If you hear the waves of natural and man-made disasters happening one after another, you can sympathize with them. What does that mean? Do you have an answer? If so, where can I find it? These are serious problems and have serious and serious consequences. Is most of humanity facing some kind of disaster somewhere in the world?
Last year alone, there was a major earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people and damaged billions of dollars worth of property. With the exception of the Noah Day flood, I did not experience the floods of other generations. We have seen devastating tornadoes where they were a safe haven from these horrific winds.
Not to mention hurricanes, droughts, drug-resistant diseases, endless warfare, famine, famine, social unrest, pollution of the sea and overfishing that endangers various forms of marine life. The destruction of animal habitats by human invasion has put great pressure on the animal kingdom.
Many parts of the world are suffering from drought, and glaciers are melting at a rate that causes unimaginable suffering in many parts of the globe. Then there are those who deny everything on their own. Even climate change is not dangerous at all. And, as if that were not enough, we are now experiencing a more violent form of social unrest in the form of international terrorism. Governments around the world are forced to spend large sums of money from the treasury to combat this threat. Visit:-
People are not afraid of what will happen tomorrow, but are afraid of what will happen today. We see governments declining in their ability to guarantee security, let alone peace. Many societies around the world are prepared for imagined or perceived threats. People no longer see the government as a safe haven. They see the government as an increasingly annoying interference. Many see the erosion of individual rights and freedoms being lost. The government is creating more forms of intrusive laws and regulations.
Experts in academia, science and politics feel that humanity has reached an irreversible turning point. This melancholy look is not an illusion. It is realistic and vast, and has dimensions that can destroy humanity. If you think this review is of concern. Let me mention the emotions expressed by those who are very respectful in our time 1927 years ago. Matthew 24: 21-22, since it has never happened since the beginning of the world, then the great tribulation will occur, no, and it will never happen again. 22 In fact, the flesh would not have been saved if those days had not been shortened. However, because they were elected, those days will be shortened.

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