Understanding the REAL Nature of the Wellness Concept

Introduction: What is wellness?

Because the term wellness is used without discrimination for a long time, many have abandoned it for more generic labels (e.g. or health promotion). But, many, especially those who employed it in the past, consider wellness to be a positive approach to living for those who want to be healthy, happy and enjoy a fulfilling life. The term wellness, first used by Halbert L. Dunn in 1950, has not been often understood by advocates or those who promote it. It is applicable to issues like prevention of alternative medicine, business of spas as well as product marketing and many other areas that are not related.

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However, since so many medical people, entrepreneurs and advocates for alternative medicine, spa promoters and all sorts of New Age hippie dippies like actress Gwyneth Paltrow have taken up the term to describe their various interests that are not related to personal responsibility, I decided some time ago to develop an identity for genuine wellbeing.

To differentiate my efforts in advancing a positive life-enhancing model based upon the true nature and logical aspects of positive health I added the modifier REAL to the word wellness. Real is an acronym. The four letters R-E–A-L symbolize enthusiasm, reason and athleticism.

What makes this particular form of wellness different?

Real wellness is about positive approaches, perspectives and possibilities for boosting your quality of life. Anything that is cost-effective in corporate wellness programs are beneficial. This includes risk reduction and medical management, prevention, and any other measures to minimize risk. It is important not to misinterpret these offerings with genuine wellness. The former focuses on the absence of ailments, diseases, and discontents.

Real wellness requires continuous learning about and advances toward life-affirming matters, including but not only happiness, positive emotions, meaning and purpose happiness and love, effective decision-making and expansions of individual freedoms. The goal is to live the kind of life you’d like with a healthy body physically and of good mind.

Don’t compromise with products, diets, or excessive exercise if you’re planning to put in the time and effort looking after yourself.

Protecting the Integrity and Meaning of the Concept

It is my view that any other wellness-related uses that do not include this modifier are more likely to be FAKE wellness. I am happy to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted me a trademark registration for REAL Wellness (r).

Dr. Grant Donovan of Australia was the first person I spoke to regarding the awarding of the REAL wellness trademark. He is Halbert L. Dunn of Australia, who was the one who promoted wellness in Australia’s 80’s and 90’s Downunder and has been a loyal friend ever since. Here’s what he wrote in a felicitatory e-mail

On a longer-term basis the word wellness has become a popular marketing term used by all kinds of individuals, from resort owners to spa promoters and tour operators. It’s difficult to come across a more oppressive word in any language.In a random , meaningless world where everyone is here by chance I think of a health lifestyle as not just a way to live longer or prolong the lifespan, but rather to ensure that people do not die. It’s not real wellness.

Good luck getting wellness back in order. I hope REAL wellness helps at least a few people find an enjoyable way to the abyss.

Don’t be fooled by those who peddle services and products as if there were a shortcut or alternative to adopting a philosophic approach and establishing a routine that helps you stay in top form mentally and physically. There are no easy ways to be truly well-being above what is available for the vast majority of people. Achieving true wellness is the only way to need to perform at your highest level, which means winning in every way possible.

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