5 Android News Apps for Tablets

In the past, people depended on local newspapers to get the most interesting headlines. As television and radio entered the scene, there were other options for catching the most recent news. They could go about their routines in the early morning and then catch the latest news in the evening.

The current generation is proud of the benefits tablets can offer users with the ability to catch up-to-date information with just a few swipes of your fingers. Tablet computers can be utilized to receive the daily news items anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is download a reliable news app which will transform your regular tablet into a cutting-edge digital newspaper.

Here’s a list of the best five Android news apps to use on your tablet:

1. Feedly

It is a no-cost news app with an innovative layout that has limited text-based articles. The interface is also loaded with many useful icons. The software is driven with Google Reader, Instapaper, Read It Later and Twitter.

The app comes in two different versions that are dark and KANNADANEWS lighter versions. The landing page is a large titles, and white spaces so that it doesn’t clog readers with details. It can also be configured to sync to Google Reader.

2. Pulse News

Pulse News: The Pulse News application is a a great accessory to any tablet running Android. It integrates a variety of most popular websites such as Facebook to allow the daily sharing of news possible. If you have any interesting news stories that you’d wish to share with your friends and family, Pulse News can do exactly that with the instant sharing capabilities of Facebook. A list of the news articles has been integrated so easily, that instead of the traditional horizontal scrolling, the feed of news can now be browsed using thumbnails.

3. CNN

The most trusted and safest news agencies in the world is CNN and its app for the Android Phone is deemed just as reliable and smart. If you’re looking to get the most trustworthy and trustworthy news, CNN is the most reliable news source and their app provides the latest and most relevant news that are happening. The theme is distinctively dark and has a large amount of multimedia content as well as breaking news from around the globe. iReport and shortcuts are also accessible.


CNET is renowned for its winning coverage of everything related to consumer technology. Anyone who is tech-savvy should never have a tablet without the CNET app installed. With the CNET application, photo gallery galleries, reviews of products, and press releases are easily accessible. The app also has a wealth of video content that is rich for those who don’t like the ads that pop on occasion.


It is a well-known news source powered by the computer giant Microsoft. Similar to the other applications previously mentioned, MSNBC loads a lot of extremely rich content by using multimedia technology. The application itself offers various types of content, like videos and articles on current news. It allows you to search for relevant content and stream short videos that are relevant to our current society.

Being busy is not an excuse to not find the most important news and events that impact the country and the entire world. Even if you’re an extremely busy person having an Android-powered tablet that has an app for news that is reliable can allow you to stay connected to the world.


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