5 Ways to Know What to Write When You Don’t Know What to Write

You’re prepared to start writing articles for use in an article directory blog, ezine, or site to advertise your company’s online existence. You position your fingers over the keyboard, ready to write. But then, it occurs. Your brain is completely blank. You can’t even think of the word you want to use.

Do not be worried; this does not have to be the demon of writers’ block. This is probably a matter of lack of preparation for your article writing session.

The process of writing articles is enjoyable engaging, entertaining, and a means to effectively promote your online presence. The fact that you’re sitting at your computer with no idea of what to write doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to write an effective article. No excuses okay? Instead, follow these five strategies to get that article out of your head and onto the paper to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing.

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1. Make a plan for your article prior to sitting down.

Write your essay before you sit on the keyboard to write. It is important to organize your initial thoughts on what you’d like to write down on paper. Some people write better with a pen and paper , while others sit down and type out the words. Learn your best way of creating your ideas and follow that method when writing your essay.

2. Write about what you already know.

This isn’t the time to think up brand new ideas. Instead, create an article using the information you already have in your professional experience. What can you write about the topic that you have chosen for your product? What is the focus of your website? What exciting insight do you have to share regarding the business that you’re involved in? This is the kind of thing you want the subject of your article to be. Discuss what you are familiar with. It will help strengthen the writing. The reader will be able to feel that you truly understand the topic you’re talking about.

3. Quality over quantity. the quantity

In my time as a college instructor for undergraduate students one of their frequent questions regarding writing assignments is “How many words does this writing have to be?” I would always tell them to don’t be concerned about the amount but instead, think about the quality. When you start to think about writing a long essay, you can freeze up. Who can write well while worrying about achieving the limit of a word count that is long? When you’ve decided on the subject that you’re looking to write about, you’ll be amazed by the amount you are aware of. It is possible to write a great article of at least 200-300 words very quickly with practice. A secret to doing this is to think about the reader when you write. For example, when you are reading an article do you care about if it’s up to 100 words or do care more that it contains the details you require? You are concerned about the information and the content, right? Sometimes, you are able to provide the information required in very few words. Therefore, write with a focus at the caliber of the information that you offer, not the word count.

4. Develop a list format

One of the most effective ways to get an article out is to write in the format of a list. It is to create your own list of things you’re familiar with and not write in paragraph forms. This can be particularly helpful when you’re new to writing article. It is possible that you are more technically focused, working with data and figures. Find a way to stay within what is comfortable for you when putting words down on paper when writing your article. As an example, make five items you are aware of about the subject you’d like to write about. Now, under each listing, put a few sentences of explanation. Add an introduction and a concluding paragraph and you have a basic article.

5. Develop titles, an introduction, and conclusion

Write down the title of your article first. Now look at it. Does it appear to be clear to you? Does it encourage you to write? If not, you can change the title. The article belongs to you. Nobody else can see it until you make it available to the world. If you believe that you’re not able to alter the direction of the article and it makes you feel hesitant to put anything on paper. The longer you hesitate to think about the topic, the more frustrated you’ll get. Simply write the words down on paper and don’t dismiss those quirky, off the wall titles that appear to mind when you’re thinking about your own ideas. These could be the motivations you’ll need to begin. Begin by working on the title until you are sure that it outlines what you’ll need to write about and then begin in with the rest of your article.

With these five tips then you’re able to get prepared to write that article to promote your online business. Make sure your fingers are ready and start writing. When you begin writing essays, you’ll see that it’s more easily the second time around before the third and so on.

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