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The citizens who live on Planet Earth have been wearing masks for over two years, or have been forced to do because of the COVID-19 pandemic that seems to be extremely reticent to aid in the long-awaited demasking of Homo sapiens. There have been many levels of complaints, protests or deemed-hazards of wearing masks continuously. In a way the citizens are showing signs of an acute mask-fatigue which is actually very unfair to even hint at in view of the pandemic-fatigue experienced by the tirelessly working medical fraternity-particularly during the peak periods like the disastrous Second Wave in India. But the point of view of the people is not something to be dismissed for it is real; in some cases the mask-fatigue leading to huge protests and uprisings either in the US or even in European countries like Germany. This is why it is our responsibility to examine the reasons behind it while obviously keeping our masks of sincerity in place.

We’ve all been growing accustomed to people cloaking themselves in distinctive ways: some have loosened it up a bit to ensure that the nose is clearly visible as if they’ve just realized the significance of the organ in as regards inhaling oxygen or exhaling nitrogen. others are more daring, sporting it as an ornament that is hung below their chins; some even more daringly keep it in pocket or bags and don’t wear it until the law enforcement authorities arrive; Similar to this, there are others who do it in shopping malls or other places where a there is a ‘no mask, no entry’ signboard is prominently displayed and the moment they step inside, they swiftly announce to the sellers that they’re wearing masks and have no problems (in truth, the mostly people who are wearing masks, shopkeepers, or vendors are not supposed to smile at them, but command, ‘if you have it, why not wear? ‘).

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The older citizens haven’t been complaining as much as they recognize that they constitute the most vulnerable segment of the population to contract the disease. However, the fact that they are vaccinated in the doses required by law makes people a bit more confident in voicing their complaints if not in not abandoning the masks. Many of them cite doctors (we’re not sure if they were real or fictional) who advise them to not wear masks when taking walks in the morning or at night as it can affect the breathing process. Many older folks, including myself have not experienced any discomfort in taking the walks wearing the masks. So, some of them don’t wear it at all , while some show the different styles of wearing such as keeping the nose out or using it as a necklace.

The younger generation of males is believed to be the best example of a group who wears masks with complete disdain after being vaccine-free. Their instinct to impress the fairer opposites is a major factor since with their faces hidden , they can’t even afford to showcase their gorgeous features as well as some other “impressive” actions or lifestyles. Their ‘chivalrous’ and brave display is often seen on the streets, in the markets, in parks or on the playing fields, and when riding their brave-heart racing bikes, and not just putting other lives in danger of being harmed, and spreading the disease. We call them the future of a country however they fail to comprehend their obligation towards everyone in their families or any others in the community, whether inside or outside.

The female population of young women had shown tremendous interests, at the start of the age of pandemics in wearing masks, with many seeking out masks that match their dresses well or were actively engaged in the most expansive pandemic-industry of mask-making. But, as with other instances, their interest were gradually replaced by the dread of wearing masks, and influenced by similar instincts of showing their beautiful face with all the cosmetics like the lipstick that was greatly affected by the sticking pandemic. Therefore, they’ve stopped wearing masks and not even following the unique styles of wearing since they would be detrimental to their appearance in different ways and make it difficult for them to create the image they desire all around.

There is an extremely important cause of fatigue in masks that is affecting all the communities listed as well as the extended summer because of global warming that leads to the accumulation of sweat in the masks and makes it very uncomfortable to wear them continuously. It is a good idea to carry more than one mask on you? If it becomes the discomfort is too much, then wipe your face clean using a clean, sanitized cloth and wear the second mask; we rebut. There are tons of masks that are affordable on the market. Besides, the sweat-factor also comes in while traveling/going out, unnecessarily and crowding the trains or metro trains or the flights or the buses or even the markets; like when during the Durga Puja festival , the ‘eat only devotees’ crowded the fronts of restaurants that were crowded with people within the Indian capital city, Kolkata specifically, waiting for hours at midnight and, of course, not caring for the masks due to the constant sweating or the fact that they’d be required to take it off anyway once getting inside for a meal. There is a general agreement regarding this issue that you should not have food with masks on.

Authorities or the government have been guilty of making the wearing of masks a requirement all the time with some having to impose penalties for infractions. Authorities also monitor mask-related behavior and require that you not wear masks under your nose or as a necklace’. Unfortunately, many people who live on Planet Earth feel that ‘enough is enough’, and the ‘unmasking process’ should be introduced via hook or crook. For instance, in India due to the Diwali celebration coming up, this mask-fatigue could be a negative thing and usher in another peak of the pandemic and reverse the ‘unmasking’ process completely, God forbid. States of India always ban firecrackers during Diwali celebration, but allow “green crackers” to be used, the uncertainty of a definition of which results in the typical polluted air and crowds of “fire-power” on display, like last year.

Let us conclude by making an acknowledgement that no generalization is intended in this piece. In reality, a significant segment of the population follows the norms like wearing a mask very sincerely, including people in every community mentioned in this article. There is only one concern that is of the increasing numbers of Covidiots who are not wearing masks everywhere who pose a danger to the norms-abiding population risk. To be serious at the conclusion it has been proven medically that vaccination jabs don’t ensure complete immunity from infections or reduce the serious type of the illness and the need for hospitalization, however, people who have multiple ailments and low immunity are still at danger, and youths risk their lives because they carry the virus and spreading it to others.

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