How To Choose The Right Sports Gloves

If you are shopping for gloves to purchase for the first time the primary most buyers will are asked is what the distinction is between gel and traditional foam padding. In general, gel provides better protection against impact because it enhances the absorption of the impact over a larger area. A lot of professional fighters prefer padding made of gel because it’s comfortable and does not lose its shape even after repeated hits.




The selection of gloves is based on the activities that the user is engaged in. For example, if the person is a muay thai practitioner and tai chi, he requires gloves that allow the user to grasp and use his hands to perform knee strikes. This means that the gloves should be flexible enough to permit the hand to move freely. However the cardio kickboxer will require a glove that is heavier and more cushioned due to the fact that hitting heavy bags and focus mitts can cause a lot of impact. This means that gloves that provide the maximum amount of protection for the hand of the kickboxer is required.

Professional boxers will require gloves that are lighter and permit easy movement of the hand that is a crucial aspect in making a fist. Although some rules of competition generally govern the type of gloves employed, a boxer typically prefers gloves that make it easy to throw heavy punches, which is why they prefer a lighter glove. Additionally, it is simple for a boxer to keep his hands elevated to shield themselves from harm with the lighter gloves.

It is recommended to invest in an excellent pair of gloves if you intend to take part in one of these sports such as kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, cardio boxing, MMA (mixed martial arts) Ultimate Fighting, karate, taekwondo Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Krav Maga.


Make sure to consult your instructor before you are deciding on the correct gloves. Gloves that appear the most attractive or have the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most effective. It’s important to ensure that the pair you purchase will last for an extended period of time. So you might need spend a bit of money on the first pair, but it’s well worth it.

Here are some tips to take into consideration when purchasing a pair of gloves:

If you’re into martial arts that require the use of your hands, you’ll need a more flexible glove.

If you’re hitting with heavy bags or mitts, you will require protection at the front of the glove. Therefore, you’ll need a thicker padding.

If you’re training to compete in the ring then you will require a more robust glove

If you’re in the ring, you require a glove with a lighter weight

If you’re using speed bags, double-end bags, or anything lighter, you can purchase bag gloves specifically for this purpose. You might find boxing gloves to be quite heavy.


The size of the glove and its weight are not the same thing. In general, the size of a glove DOES correlate with the weight of the glove however this isn’t always the case.

It is crucial for a variety of reasons. Choose the WEIGHT of the glove that is appropriate for your needs. Select the of the glove based on the ideal fitting for the glove.

The most common sizes of gloves are medium, large and small. The most common sizes are as follows:

8 oz is a common size for boxers who compete

10 oz is the standard size for boxers who compete

12 oz is a common size for women and those who have small hands to train

14 oz is the standard size for people of average size for training.

16 oz is a common size for all people to train.

18 oz is a common size to train heavier weight classes training

20 oz is a common size to train larger weight classes training

Professional boxers use 8 ounces. or 10 oz. gloves. There are various sizes for fighters as well as numerous weight classes. Therefore, there is a requirement for various size gloves. For instance, there’s the size 10 oz glove available in medium, small and large sizes.

In general, as the glove grows larger, its weight increases as well. The professional gloves, however they are designed to carry the same weight, regardless of size.

When choosing the size of your glove ensure that it is snugly fitted because too much space inside the glove could be a risk of injuries.

Two important aspects to take into consideration when choosing what size glove to use:

1)The traditional wearing and tear principle. The more you wear your glove, the more it expands to accommodate your hand. It is advisable to select a glove that isn’t too tight at first time you use it.

2)The necessity of allowing to hand wraps. Wrap your hands around and test the glove before purchasing it. Hand wraps are essential and you must consider this when purchasing your gloves.


In general, women’s hands are smaller and, as a result, boxing gloves are more likely to have smaller hand cages within the glove.

It is also common to find gloves that box for children or kids. They come in a variety of dimensions and hand cages that accommodate the smaller hands of children.


Which are some of the frequent mistakes that are made while taking care of your sports gloves?

Many people make the mistake of putting their gloves in their gym bag, then squeezing it back up after using.

Because gloves are usually wet after use, this can result in an odor issue. Wet gloves are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungus that results in the glove having a an unpleasant smell.

It is recommended that your gloves dry after every use. It’s now standard practice to apply a product that eliminates bacteria and odor-causing fungi.

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