The Art of Business Blogs

Blogs are the news and educational channels to come. They have made themselves known to become a prominent presence on the web. For those who once wanted to establish a website however, they might not have interesting content. The blog has allowed them to generate significant traffic to even the tiniest websites. If a person writes daily on a blog website their website will grow to be more than 360 pages! (each blog post is its own page as ….well, with blogging programs like blogger and WordPress). With all that content and a niche traffic, it’s certain to come. Well, not exactly.

The whole “build it and they will come” philosophy does NOT pertain to websites any longer. Perhaps at the internet’s conception, and during the following 2 years, this may have been the case. Nowadays, even the biggest and best blogs may be hard to locate if they’re not promoted or networked by some means. It’s great to launch a great site with targeted content and then watch the traffic flow in. If that were the case that way, there would be plenty more successful bloggers.

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Blogs have also become the best method to keep up with the latest and most important news in any industry. Today, I am reading about current events and funny news stories on occasion days before they appear on the news or the radio. Blogs are more powerful than many people even are aware of.

If you are thinking of creating a blog, be sure that it’s a niche that is targeted to an readership. You can start a gardening blog, a marriage blog and a business site, an online business blog, a marketing blog, a web design blog or a blog about graphic design, and even a super hero ninja clown blog. You’ll be amazed at the sheer number of people creating blogs these days…and even more surprised at what blogs are being written about. Regularly reading blogs is not just a fantastic way to assess the interest of your readers in your industry of choice and is also a great way to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques with regards to whatever you are interested in. In actuality, blogs are the most recent form of media… And with sites like Digg, Twitter, Reddit, and stumble upon, your blog is sure to get noticed by some one!

So how does one slip an embarrassing self-promotion into your blog, or better yet…even others blogs? If you’re writing a targeted blog in your particular field it shouldn’t be too hard. Let’s say you’re a teacher of martial arts. You begin a martial art blog and then promote it. Include your company’s name and expertise in the blog every often. If other people in the field discover you blog site, they’ll post a link to it from their websites If they are impressed by your writing. This is the art of basic blogging promotion. There are tons of feed websites that you can submit your blog’s information to, like Technorati and several other top-rated feeds that you should submit to in order to begin watching traffic, incoming links and more.

A second and obvious aspect of business promotion for blogs is to establish a network of with your blog as well as yourself. Many bloggers believe that it is considerate commenting on other blogs to express appreciation and to improve the overall experience for the community. Commenting leaves your blog’s address to allow others to locate you on other prominent blogs within your field. Making friends with the blog world is an effective method to get your blog’s name and website known. It’s also an excellent way to attract regular readers to your blog.

I highly recommend that when you own a business with web presence, incorporate a blog as soon as you can. It could be an industry news site, or just a blog about the latest news and happenings within your company. It’s an excellent way to bring more contents (words) on your website which are similar to food for Google and other search engine. Industry experts have also suggested that adding a blog to your website can help you better get to know your customer better as they are able to comment and respond to issues with almost anything. Many people see it as an opportunity to reach an authoritative source within the organization and also. Large companies that utilizing blogging include Toyota, Google, HP as well as many others.

When it comes down to it blogging is an effective tool for promoting your business if used correctly. Remember, the blogging world is huge, so if you are ready to sit down and start a blog, make sure to design a strategy of how to promote your blog. Submission, submission and network! Don’t be timid when it comes to leaving a comment. If you enjoyed another’s blog, don’t forget to comment and let them know! Bloggers appreciate feedback and often it leads to friendships and a new readership.


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